You decided to go ziplining for your 50th birthday even though you are afraid of heights! You pretended to not be scared the entire time, while we all knew you were about to pee your pants. This is a perfect metaphor for everything you do, I like love you! Happy fiftieth! Zoë


Hey cuz! You made it 50! It’s been really fun seeing you and your family on the west coast more often. Looking forward to way more adventures. Cheers! Simon

35 Years of Friendship

Too many memories to recount … hanging out at the handball courts and riding the subway home after school, pen paling (yes, we wrote letters back then) at college, road tripping cross-country back from California, summer in DC, my awful best man speech at your wedding, your much better best man speech at mine. Looking…

Cheesy Poem

Happy Occasion Alex ChiLap Teu Happy Hap fiftieth birthday to you An awesome person, smiles and dimple Lives life to the fullest, it’s that simple First introduced us to the Instant Pot With his creamy Juk that is piping hot Has a great family, Jenn, Zoe and Griffin Expressively sings and dance – all spiffing…


I got rollerblades for my birthday. I wanted to try them out so on the weekend, We went to fsk elementary. I quickly learned how to rollerblade because I already knew iceskating. After Daddy taught me how to brake better and go faster, I was really happy. Griffin

Summer of 1988

Hey Chi Lap, Lapster, LapDawg, Happy 50th Birthday! Do you remember the summer of 1988 in Ann Arbor? To this day, I still recall that time as one of the best periods in my life. We had a lot of fun, didn’t we? Here are a couple of random memories: 1/ “Bronx Science, Bronx Science,…

Congratulations !

What goes up and never comes down? Your age . . . . . . . . : o( But don’t despair, 50 = 18 + 32 yrs experience ! :o) Get wise and try to catch up with me . . . . . . . Gaw Fu


1st impression – Asian Crime Victims Project @ Fordham: Smart, dimpled, rangy, charismatic. You clearly loved being the center of attention, which was both amusing and attractive. We worked together on ACVP stuff for a couple months, but I can’t even remember what we actually accomplished. 1st date – Nice Italian seafood followed by ……